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Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thoroughly pleased we are with the house! This is the second house you have built for us. The quality of materials and workmanship are commented on by everyone who visits. (Not a surprise to us!

The consistency you have managed to maintain since you built our first house in 2010 is a testament to how you treat and deal with your subs. In working and talking with them, it is obvious that they are interested in quality. No shortcuts, even though I know the extra effort is probably going to come out of their pocket. It’s just the standard that you have set. No excuses and no surprises.

I have told many when recommending you that in addition to the unparalleled communication, the weekly reporting on budget is unheard of. You have again shown that you take better care of our money than we would.

I listen to the difficulties of fellow homeowners who have struggled through the build process over the last year. When asked what problems we incurred with our build. I tell them that we had no problems other than weather. This is a testament to how you value your customers and your integrity. Even before we started to break ground you anticipated all the delivery issues and lead times for products. You managed the subs and their schedule to avoid delays.

This all speaks to your attention to detail, your integrity and the team you have built. Why anyone would consider using another builder is beyond me. We’re thrilled to death with our home and absolutely have no problem with talking with anyone who wants to talk or even visit.

Thanks to you and Kristin for all that have done for us since 2010.

All the best!

Randy & Trissy

Buying a home can be stressful.  Building a custom home can be exhaustive, gut wrenching and mind boggling especially when building that home from another state.

From the start we were looking for a builder that was “Honest, Trustworthy and Dependable” and having the ability to communicate to us via long distant.  We meet with 6 builders; however, we chose Frank because we felt that personal connection immediately as he explained his building process in detail and his commitment to the final product.  With us working with Frank from California, he was not only patient his desire to go that extra mile ensuring we stayed connected through phone calls and pictures was exactly what we needed.  If there was something we requested in our home and during the build process he found it would not work or something changed, he immediately had us on the phone and discussed options.

Frank succeeded in making this our dream home. From the foundation to the final nail his attention to detail and his commitment to making sure we were nothing less than 100% satisfied was pure gratification to us.  He treated it like it was his home that he was building, so it was nothing short of the home we truly dreamed of.

Franks wife Kristin is a diamond that sparkles. When you feel like you cannot pick one more bathroom towel rack, counter top, flooring or knob, she keeps it all together. Her eye for color coordination and bringing the inside of a custom home all together surpassed our expectation. This dynamic couple works well together and can build a home for any family. We have been living in our new home for five months and are truly enjoying it.  We wish Frank and Kristin continued success with each and every home entrusted to be built by them.

James and Brenda

Midlothian, TX

We just had a home built for us by Gentry Custom Homes in Midlothian. About a year ago, as my wife and I were doing research on home builders in/around Ellis County, we probably reached out to and spoke with over 10 different builders. The list included a variety of builders – from the ones that we saw on road signs, to the ones family told us about, the association told us about and other people in the community told us about. As the list quickly narrowed due to a variety of reasons, there were a few builders that stood out. One that stood out above everyone was Gentry Custom Homes.

From the first time that I spoke on the phone with Frank, the experience was exceptional. We met with Frank and his wife Kristin at their home, saw their quality of workmanship and also asked others (the bank, the architect etc) of their opinion about Gentry Custom Homes. Since our home was going to be something that we spent the most money on, I took the time to teach myself about various aspects and factors of home building. From the very beginning, Frank and Kristin let it be known that they do not compromise on quality – they will not always be the cheapest builder, but they will not substitute subpar materials to win someone’s business. As I was asking all of the questions about insulation, brick, stone, lumber, foundation, various assumed allowances and materials and more – the more questions I asked, the more I saw that Frank will not do anything to cut corners. On the other hand, I couldn’t say the same about all other builders – the more questions I asked, the “harrier” it got. At the end of the day, it was all about trust: we trusted that Frank and Kristin would build us our dream home with integrity, highest possible quality, listening to our wishes and working with us every step along the way.

Also, we did not make it easy on Frank and Kristin. We wanted a home that would be somewhat atypical in Texas; we wanted a home with more modern and sleek features, instead of a traditional Texas home. Frank said it was doable and he delivered. In addition, we really stressed the importance of staying within the reasonable realm of the budget. In a lot of the cases, those modern materials were more expensive than traditional, but Frank and Kristin found creative ways to make up the difference somewhere else in almost every case. And all of those differences were made up without sacrificing quality.

I would like to say that, however, building a home with a cost-plus model is not for everyone. Be prepared to be more involved, know that the cost of materials varies from the time you build the budget to the actual build and also know that you might change your mind on something by the time you actually build the home. Leave some room in your budget so spend a little extra for those few things that might make your significant other happy, or those things that you just have to have when you are out there picking faucets, hardwood or granite countertops etc. Best advice I could give is this: when you are unsure what to choose or which direction to go, ask Frank this question “if this was your home, what would you do?” I promise that in every instance you will have an option to choose from that will be budget conscious, will have a great look and feel and will not compromise quality. It goes back to trust – you have to trust your builder 100%, otherwise you will not have a good experience building your dream home. I can vouch and say that you can absolutely trust Frank and Kristin 110%.

Other things that you will receive from Frank and Kristin, but may or may not from other builders:

• Financial transparency. You will see every invoice, every week, on the same day, just like clockwork. You will know how much everything costs and what the builder fee is. You will know to the penny what the draws are and you will have an opportunity to review and approve everything – if that’s what you choose to do.

• All contractors respect Frank and Kristin. Throughout the building process, I must have spoken to 10+ contractors that Frank uses. Every single one of them has almost gone out of their way to say that Frank is the best builder they work with. Sometimes they just start talking about Gentry Custom Homes without me even soliciting any type of opinion – they just feel the need to let the customer know that you are working with the best builder you can find.

• Frank will hold all contractors accountable. Rest assured that Frank is always on the customer’s side, no matter who the contractor is. If something needs to be corrected, redone or done differently, Frank has no problem ensuring that the contractor comes out twice, three, four times etc to get the job done the right way. The contractors know it up front, so there is not a whole lot of things that need to be fixed, but it’s great to have that knowing just in case.

• Great reputation. Everyone from the banks to the title company, from the cleaning crew to the guy laying the foundation – everyone has a very high opinion of Gentry Custom Homes. Again, sometimes without solicitation, people will spend 10-15 minutes telling you how great Frank and Kristin are. I know I will be one of those people if anyone asks for advice in the future.

• The finished product will exceed your expectations. After everything is said and done, once you unload all of your belongings in your new home and start living in it, you will start feeling the quality, the attention to detail and everything else that your home has.

Overall, if you are doing research on custom home builders, you have to have Gentry Custom Homes on your list of candidates. I would dare anyone to benchmark any other builder versus Frank and Kristin, just talk to them, analyze their approach and make your own decision. If you do decide to use Frank and Kristin, you will have that ultimate end result that you are looking for – your dream home. We know, because we have ours.


Midlothian, TX

Thank you, Gentry Custom Homes!  We love our new home!

Gentry Custom Homes is a truly exceptional company to work with when building your custom home.  The integrity and character of the company and its employees is unmatched.  The sub-contractors were skilled craftsmen desiring to meet the needs, requests, and desires of us as the home builders.

Bill Marconi, the superintendent on our job, was meticulous with details and knowledgeable in all aspects of the home building process.  Bill, along with the rest of the team, worked diligently to achieve the desired result of the vision of our home.  They were patient with our questions and concerns.  The homeowner’s satisfaction was paramount when addressing issues.

Frank and Kristin’s expertise and help in designing the plan and making selections was of tremendous benefit.  With their suggestions and assistance, we were able to design and build a home perfectly suited to our lifestyle and taste.

We would highly recommend Gentry Custom Homes as your choice when building your custom home!

Jeff and Debbie

Cleburne, TX

My wife and I highly recommend Gentry Custom Homes for many reasons.  From the beginning, Frank was at the build site overseeing progress, communication was clear with quick responses via phone, email and text.  Kristin was great with ideas and helped us in our selections…granite, lights, fans, plumbing, appliances and flooring.  The overall process was smooth.  Both Frank and Kristin listened to our ideas, answered all our questions relating to the building process and Frank often met us at our home to monitor progress and make our priorities number one.  Our expectations were met over and above, we are very happy with our new home and highly recommend Gentry Custom Homes.

Jason and Kristen

Midlothian, TX

We selected Frank and Kristin primarily due to their extensive experience in building custom homes.  Building a custom home is a complex task, and Frank and Kristin went out of their way to make our experience meaningful and lots of fun!  They were always prepared with both resource documents and sources to assist us with all the amenities that had to be selected along the way.  The contractors Gentry Custom Homes utilizes were exceptional and produced high-quality work.  We thank Frank Kristin for a job very well done that far exceeded our expectations.  We are blessed to have such a fantastic place to call home.

Keith and Carolyn

Cleburne, TX

Building a new home is not a process that one goes into lightly.  Plans, budget, colors, appliances, flooring and woodwork take time and can be very stressful.  That being said, the builder you choose can mitigate many of these issues.  Gentry Custom Homes did that for us in building the home of our dreams.  We cam in under budget and on time.  While this may be unusual, the process was, none the less, made easier with hands on assistance and weekly budget reviews.  Kristin and Frank build more than just a building, they build a home.

Bruce and Kathy

Cleburne, TX

What an exciting and fun experience this has been, building our beautiful new home over this past year!  From Frank’s exceptional customer service and professionalism, his superb relationships with his sub-contractors and high expectations of a job well done to his keen eye for perfectionism, our home turned out much better than what we ever expected.  All materials used were of the best quality available at the best price Frank could negotiate and obtain for us.

Although this was our design, Frank contributed his own ideas throughout finalizing the floor plan, along with his architect who was able to provide a buildable set of plans which included great improvements to the original design.

Frank takes great pride in each and every home he builds, and that pride definitely shows in the finished product. Everyone that has seen our home complements us and Frank on the design, the quality, the attention to detail – and are recommending Gentry Custom Homes to those they know who want to build in the future.  Thank you Frank for helping us to realize our dream!

Bill and Stormi

Cleburne, TX

Five years ago, our family began our journey of searching for the perfect piece of property to build our “forever home” on. We found 25 acres in Burleson that we fell in love with and for the past four years we have been living in a guest house waiting for the perfect opportunity and builder to build our home. We searched and spoke with many builders during this process, but it wasn’t until we spoke to Frank that we knew he was the one we would choose. From our initial conversation, he stood out in so many areas that were highly important to us. Because of his many years of experience, certifications, level of honesty and knowledge, we made the decision to work with Gentry Custom Homes. We can honestly say that Frank stood by every word he promised in our initial conversation and the final product is beyond words. During the building process, Frank and every contractor he used were professional and very qualified to do the job. This is not the first home we have built, but we can say it is the best by far! Frank and his wife Kristin are an amazing team to work with and together they offer a top notch experience. If you are looking for quality, friendly, honest people to trust with your next home, we would highly recommend them. We thank both of them for making our experience one we will never forget!!

Jesse and Kristen

Burleson, TX

I am a retired United States Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant who considers integrity one of the most important characteristics of an individual.  In working with Frank Gentry I found that trait to be apparent in all the dealings I had with him.  In addition, in speaking with many of his suppliers, they felt the same way. 

Another impressive thing in working with the Gentry’s is the teamwork you receive from Frank and his wife.  They both go out of their way to help.  His wife Kristin met my wife and I in Dallas to help with the choices of the granite, tile, etc.  Her knowledge and experience made that part of the project move very smoothly. It has been a pleasure working with both of them.  I trusted both of them on all the recommendations and advice they gave us.  We lived in Ohio the whole time, from planning, building and the final completion of the project.  The communications between us, was like we were next door, instead of 1,200 miles away.

We are very pleased with the final outcome of the home they built for us.  I would highly recommend them, to anyone, wanting the up most customer service and professionalism from a builder.

Earl and Pat

Cleburne, TX

We just had a home built by Gentry Custom Homes at the Retreat. Frank was highly recommended by everyone we talked to. We found Frank and Kristin to be very honest and easy to work with and we didn’t make it easy. We didn’t want the typical, traditional home but they worked with us to give us exactly what we wanted. No matter what style of home you want they can do it. If you are unsure about the design, Kristin can give you some great ideas. I can’t say enough good things about Frank and Kristin. Building a home can be very stressful but they made it easy. We highly recommend Gentry Custom Homes.

Mike and Linda

Cleburne, TX

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