Choosing a Builder

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Builder

Is the builder a member of a local builders association?

Frank Gentry is a member of both local and national associations and has held leadership positions. He is the Past President of the Ellis County Homebuilders Association.

Frank currently holds membership in:

  • National Homebuilders Association
  • Texas Association of Builders
  • Dallas Home Builders Association
Does the Builder hold any Professional Accreditations?

Obtaining and holding professional accreditations is a priority to Frank Gentry. With these accreditations, the builder has a seal of approval. The customer can have confidence knowing that the builder has met a heightened set of standards.

Gentry has pursued and obtained accreditations for energy efficiency and environmentally responsible building.

Frank holds the following certifications:

  • Certified Graduate Builder
  • Certified Green Professional Builder
  • Energy Star Builder/Partner
How long has your company been in business?

Frank Gentry has been building custom homes for over twenty years, starting in 1998. These decades of experience has allowed for long-term relationships with suppliers and extensive knowledge of the building process.

Is the builder insured for liability?
Gentry Custom Homes carries the proper liability insurance: General Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Builders Risk. Always ensure the builder is insured.
Does the builder pay all subcontractors on time, in accordance to work performed?

Frank Gentry has developed long-term relationships with the subcontractors and suppliers he uses. He commits to only using skilled laborers and subcontracters he trusts to provide work of excellent quality. They continue to work with Gentry Custom Homes because they know they are compensated on time and fairly and appreciate the professional relationship with Frank and Kristen. The customer only benefits from this relationship.

The long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors ensure their customers receive excellent service and quality in all aspects of construction by utilizing only skilled craftsman. Frank will never compromise quality of structural integrity by using substandard materials or unskilled labor.

There may be many reasons why potential homeowners choose a builder, below are six areas to consider:

  1. Price – The best builder is not the least expensive, but they should not be the most expensive either. Great companies provide value with quality products.
  2. Customer Service – Quality customer service and excellent communication from the inception of your project and extending throughout the construction process and beyond completion of the home.​
  3. Quality – Providing only quality products and craftsmanship by experienced contractors.
  4. Structural Integrity – Visit a current home under construction with the builder to discuss foundation, framing and mechanical elements. Any home can be beautiful, but the true difference is how it is built.
  5. Transparency – Communication, construction methods and budget.
  6. References – Gather and contact references from previous customers, suppliers, banks and building inspectors.

There is no decision greater than choosing the “Right Builder” for you. Building a custom home is a relationship. Building a home with someone you do not like, respect or trust will prove to be frustrating and a disappointment. After researching and asking your questions, it will become obvious which company you should choose. The company that wants your business will prove to you they are the right builder and will work with your interests in mind. Home building comes down to TRUST.

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